Why Is Duplicate Web Content Bad?

Duplicate Web Content

If you don’t write original content for your website, but instead scrape duplicate web content from other sites to use on your pages, then it won’t take very long at all for Google to decide that your site is a low quality site with not very much to offer your visitors.

Content originality is very easy to check and google can easily determine who published a piece of content first, and who copied who.

Once you have been identified as a copier rather than a writer, your site will either be demoted or removed completely from SERPs, rendering your site pointless… and more importantly,trafficless.

Be Unique

In might seem like a bit of a bore to have to create new, original content, but to succeed online it is a minimum requirement and can’t be avoided.

If you need to reference something that has already been published, don’t copy and paste it, instead link to it. You will be rewarded instead of being punished….. and you won’t be penalised in Google search.

Duplicate content is a very common fault that many webmasters often do without realising the potential impact for their websites online performance.

What Constitutes Duplication?

Duplication is where you have a passage of text that is identical or broadly similar to other text. Google can tell if you have just swapped some adjectives or nouns.

It used to be common practice to roll out near identical pages, for example a page selling a service in many different cities, towns, or villages.

These pages usually had identical content except for the place names, making them mass duplication of the same content….. check your content is unique using copyscape.com or ask deehoseo.com to analyse your entire website for duplicate content.

Today you are better off making one page about your service and then including information about the areas that you cover. This however is often far from an ideal solution as a long list of place names is very often taken as a cheap, spam attempt to gain rankings and climb online across large geographical areas.

The less you push your Geo information, the more likely you are to be picked up across the areas you are interested in.

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