Shopping Online

An Eye, On Shopping Online

The internet has, within the twenty five years or so of its existence become one of the most important staffs that modern society consciously or not, leans and relies on.

Which, considering that the internet has no physical reality, is quite a phenomena. It has no dimensions or edges, middles or boundaries, is as non-understandable as a black hole in space, yet it is used by more people on earth than not.

The rise in shopping over the internet seems unstoppable, and the value of internet shopping is reckoned in hundreds of billions of pounds, and as technology connects more and more people, so the demand for retail on the ‘net goes on.

As are the ways of human nature, when sums of Continue reading “Shopping Online”

How To Get Your Building Started

Getting a Building off the Ground, or into it

To begin a house construction, the starting point is in the ground itself. Plans and approval given, site clearance can start.

It is easiest to employer a digger type machine to clear the site and expose the soil. The nature of the soil will determine the depth of foundations that have to be dug, and a survey drilling bore holes will help indicate it, and the local building inspector will have to be consulted.

If you have sizeable trees to clear, don’t cut them down to ground level, leave two or three feet standing, Continue reading “How To Get Your Building Started”

Why Is Duplicate Web Content Bad?

Duplicate Web Content

If you don’t write original content for your website, but instead scrape duplicate web content from other sites to use on your pages, then it won’t take very long at all for Google to decide that your site is a low quality site with not very much to offer your visitors.

Content originality is very easy to check and google can easily determine who published a piece of content first, and who copied who.

Once you have been identified as a copier rather than a writer, your site will either be demoted or removed completely from SERPs, rendering your site pointless… and more importantly, Continue reading “Why Is Duplicate Web Content Bad?”

Have You Been Driven To Drink?

Driven to Drink

In the cradle of civilisation, the lands between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, known as Mesopotamia, the earliest evidence of “commercial” alcohol production can be found.

From around 5,000 years BC grapevines have been planted with one purpose in mind, the production of wine.

As civilisations formed, or their empires grew, so each made their own mark on the alcohol industry.

By the time the Great Pyramids of Egypt were going up, wine was being made, exported and imported all around the Mediterranean.

Assyrians, Phoenicians, the Greeks and of course Continue reading “Have You Been Driven To Drink?”